Client Testimonials

Mr. Bhagat Has worked with me for close to two years helping me fight for the custody of my 3 teenage children. It was a long, hard battle. Mr. Bhagat was always early to court and kept my spirits up. Mr. Bhagat worked with me to come up with a payment plan whenever I couldn’t pay a large sum all at once…..(Thanks again) He will fight hard for you and He got results for me. I (We) won custody this past June 2017. I highly recommend Mr. Bhagat, He felt like a family member when I really needed one.

by OH on August, 2017


Client Review
Rohit was a great help in getting my son and daughter out of a domestic violence situation that they were involved in with their mom. My kids were suffering and my family needed help. Not only was I able to get final sole custody of the kids, but Rohit saw to it that every dollar I spent for attorney fees was credited back to me. The value was great for the results we got at the trial. Rohit always prepares no matter what, and for that  preparation everything paid off. I am glad that I get to see my kids grow in a safe and happy home. Thank you

by JP on August, 2016


I was refereed to attorney Rohit Bhagat by someone. It was the best referral ever. Mr. Bhagat met with me and immediately started working on my case. He was patient and considerate to work for me and with me. His expertise, knowledge and experience are impeccable. I got just what I wanted and super fast. A final divorcee decree. I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Bhagat to be your attorney. You won’t be disappointed!

by JG on May, 2017


We want to thank our AMAZING lawyer for his outstanding work. He was with us through out the whole entire process. He gave us hope when others (after seeing 2 other lawyers before coming to him) gave us no hope what so ever & negative answers. He was up and ready since day one. He was always in constant communication with us and always making sure things were getting done the RIGHT WAY. He’s PATIENT, CONSIDERATE, KNOWLEDGEABLE and HONEST. Definitely one of the best lawyers in the DFW.

by RF on August, 2017


Single Dad with Kids
Mr. Bhagat is a very honest attorney and individual. He kept me up-to- date on all aspects of my case. He always answered all my questions respectfully and professionally. He handled this whole process for me with dignity. His knowledge of Texas family law made a big difference. When I settled my case, I was very please with the outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Bhagat.

by M on March, 2013


An Attorney Who Goes Above and Beyond To Help
Attorney Rohit Bhagat has been a true advocate for me throughout my case. Although some attorneys are only helpful and responsive in the initial consultation with their clients; Attorney Rohit Bhagat has consistently been professional, responsive and helpful throughout. His support staff at the Lee Law Firm has also been courteous, professional and efficient. They are truly only a phone call or email away and they do reply in a timely manner. Furthermore, going through a divorce is a stressful time and no one would want that for anyone; but if you are going through a divorce or child custody issues – Rohit is the attorney you can trust to make the process less stressful and who will honestly represent you and your interests in your case. Any time during my case, if I was unsure of the next step in the process or how to handle an issue that came up; Rohit would return my call or email and help me find the solution.

The DFW area needs more attorneys like Rohit Bhagat!

by RK on October, 2014


Satisfied Client
Many thanks to Mr. Bhagat and the Lee Law firm. Mr. Bhagat was very honest with me from the first moment I met him and appeared to be genuinely interested in helping me through my divorce. He was easy to talk to and kept open lines of communication via his office line, cell phone, emails and the staff in his office. The time he took to address my individual circumstances of divorce made me feel somewhat comfortable with the process of divorce. He was able to negotiate a resolution to my divorce which allowed me to keep the House that I worked so hard for. Sometimes the process felt slow, but Mr. Bhagat was on top of the situation and tried to keep me updated as soon as he had significant news. When we went to Court, he was able to simplify the issues to get the job done. He was exactly what I envisioned as what a good, honest, and assertive attorney should be. When the other side got cold feet, Mr. Bhagat made sure they would not re-open the case. He assured me of seeing that the settlement figures were not exceeded and not affecting my social security or other retirement benefits, again I thank them more so that a new chapter of my life begins in 2016!!!I will be sure to follow up with him if any other matters arise.

by KS on December, 2015


Help for My Daughter
I had to modify my past custody order because the mother of my child was failing our daughter. I went back to the Lee law firm since they had done my case before. Rohit was my attorney and was always ready to go. In court he was always thinking on his feet and was able to get me orders that my daughter and I deserved. He heard my story and used all my documents I had to help me get the job done. The case is over for now, and I know my daughter will have a stable future with me being responsible for her.

by DN on May, 2016


Rohit Bhagat is an honest, dependable attorney who gets the job done! I highly recommend him as he is an attorney with integrity and very high morals. I retained Rohit to handle my divorce case and I can honestly say that he exceeded my expectation. He listened to me and made it his goal to “get me what I thought I deserved.” He thoroughly prepared for the trial and presented the facts to the Judge in such a way that she awarded me exactly what I had hoped for. It is evident that he is highly respected in the Dallas Family Law court system. You will NOT be disappointed if you retain Rohit as your attorney!

by MO on May, 2017


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